Bill Baker

While attending college Bill was introduced to furniture making by a friend who was in the furniture department at the Rhode Island School of Design. After visiting RISD several times and seeing the work they had done, Bill was convinced that some how building furniture would be in his future.


For many years woodworking was a serious hobby for Bill. Mainly self-taught, he has learned his craft through reading, trial and error and interactions with various cabinetmakers. It is now 20 years after his first introduction to woodworking and it has finally become his full time occupation, a choice he is very grateful that he was able to make.

Bill is influenced by Japanese, Mission and Shaker designs and also by the individuals George Nakishima and James Krenov. Woodworking is a way for Bill to create beautiful, functional and well crafted objects that are a part of everyday activities, objects which people can touch and use.

Ithaca, N.Y.

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