Happy #wallartwednesday 🌳

Today's feature is "Fallen Horse" a limited edition woodcut print available at our store for the month of May, by our visiting artist Yamilka Portorreal. Each rice paper print is hand-cut, manually pressed, and numbered.
"At Ithaca Falls, an American Sycamore Tree is immortalized into the body of a ruminant, a horse perhaps. It looks like a scene where this creature stumbled upon a rock and is on the cusp of hitting the ground, and yet the support of its root system makes it seem suspended in this motion. I am fascinated by the persistence of trees to grow despite having exposed and worn-out roots, their ability to be stern yet malleable enough to grow onto different objects and take the shapes to meet those needs. I was also drawn by how they grow and attach themselves onto rocks while slowly fracturing them, creating more soil, and extracting minerals."
-Yamilka Portorreal
❤ Support local artists and take home this unique piece of Ithaca art! These prints are available @handworkithaca for a limited amount of time.
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