New in-store ✨ Dreamy celestial window and wall hangings, made with hand-hammered brass and crystals, by Vida + Luz.

Vida + Luz = Life + Light
About the Maker: "My creative work with Vida + Luz is reflective of my childhood years, spent running amuck on the sandy banks of the Skagit delta, on Fir Island, WA. Inspiration is often found in tangible pieces of the world around us that hold secrets and beauty. I've grown quite skilled a the process of noticing small magic; the way a leaf floats down to touch the earth, the slow awakening of ferns in the springtime, the glimmer of the river dancing in the sunlight. There is beauty to be found everywhere in nature. Most of my pieces begin with unique salvaged driftwood from our family farm property, buffed by the sand and shaped by the glacial Skagit River waters. Many include moon and celestial shapes symbolizing the lunar connection to tidal rhythms that form the river delta. "