Charlotte Walsh

Charlotte's hand-painted and individually designed earrings and jewelry are called "Compliments Fly." She uses watercolors and other media on watercolor paper, with a layering and sealing process that results in substantial, yet very lightweight earrings.


My design process starts with painting directly on the watercolor paper. The paintings may be representational, abstract patterns, or free flowing experiments with watercolor or other media. Then I begin looking for "compositions" within the larger works. I love the challenge of finding the right mix of color, balance, and movement in each pair. The next stages involve: cutting, sanding, painting, sealing, and adding findings and details. Like many artists, I'm inspired by nature, and observations of the world around me. I'm especially tuned in to color, which is a driving force in most of my work. Why the name Compliments Fly? It comes from an old adage my mom used to say:

Compliments fly as quality meets (It means when you meet someone with a similar quality or style, you end up complimenting each other.) I have been told by several people that they receive compliments when they wear my earrings. They ARE light as a feather, and they complement what you wear!

Spencer, N.Y.

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