Dick Welch & Harriet Sutherland


Photography has been a life-long interest for both Dick and Harriet along with their careers as a Kodak engineer, and an educator and school administrator. They both have won many awards for their photography and have exhibited their images on a local and national level. While at Kodak, Dick was an active participant in the Kodak Camera Club and taught several courses including Advanced Color Printing.

Photography became more than an avocation in 1986 when Dick started his own business, exhibiting his images at Art and Craft Shows. A common interest brought Harriet and Dick together, and after moving to Ithaca in 1996, they formed a partnership and renamed their business "Cayuga Images" in keeping with their new location. The Ithaca locale, one of the more picturesque areas of the Finger Lakes, has given them a chance to expand their photographic creativity with the many scenic opportunities in the area. When not out with his camera, Dick spends much of his time in the darkroom and studio, making prints and matting and framing the images. Harriet is most active with her camera when traveling.

The images created by Dick and Harriet reflect their individual personalities. They share a common goal, which is to create a piece of artwork that will be a valued addition to someone's wall decor. Often, their images are mistaken for watercolor paintings. They are flattered when this happens because this is in keeping with their goal.