Intersecting Double Bowls

  • $95.00

These two white bowls are seamlessly intertwined to create one complete piece. An ingenious way to keep your food dishes separate yet together.

Kari's work is inspired by water. She is endlessly intrigued by it, the grace and flow, the importance of clean water on the planet, and the life forms dependent upon it, now and in geologic time. Her "Arc Series" is based in abstract design. It is simplistic, architectural, minimalist, with strong lines and curves. These pieces are usually black and white, sometimes with a touch of blue.

Product Details:

-Measures 6.5" across both bowls, 3.75" in diameter for one bowl. Taller bowl is 3" deep, shorter bowl is 2.5" deep.

-Functional, food safe, and made to be used!

-Dishwasher and microwave safe