Lise Bouvet

Keum Boo Diamond Shaped Earrings

  • $69.00

Handmade by Lise Bouvet. Small organic shaped stud earrings that resemble a diamond shape. Made using the Keum Boo technique. Keum boo is 24K gold fused to silver.The posts are made of sterling silver.

Lise's designs focus on form, movement, balance, texture and simplicity. She transforms the sheet and wire of precious metal into a sculpture for the human body. Using the traditional metalsmithing tools such as hammers, torch, files and pliers, rolling mill, she hand-fabricates all parts of every piece. Her jewelry is primarily sculptural, modern and organic.

Product Specs:

-Measures .5" length, .25" at widest.

-Eco-friendly jewelry made with recycled sterling silver.