Veronica Guiry

Colorful Fingerless Mittens

  • $120.00
These one-of-a-kind adult fingerless mittens were hand knit by Veronoica from wool and mohair. They each feature their own unique color combination, with one being accented in pink and the other being accented in purple. These bright, colorful mittens are sure to lift your spirits and your temperature as you brave the colder months! All her life Veronica has enjoyed creating things by hand. She learned the fundamentals of knitting from her maternal grandmother and mother. Her goal is to create functional knitted items from natural fibers. Some of her knitted hats, mittens, and bags are then felted (felting or more correctly, fulling, is the process of creating a fabric from a knitted piece). Knitting is a slow process from the first stitch cast on to the last one cast off. Veronica likes this gradualness of creating something as it balances the hurried pace of the environment that surrounds us. Product Details: -Made for adults. Measure 9.25" in length. Fingers hole is 3.5" wide, thumb hole is 1.5" wide. -Made from wool and mohair. -Hand wash in lukewarm water, dry flat.