Elizabeth Andrews

The images that I create come from my imagination. They are drawn on copper or zinc plates and etched in acid. The plates are rubbed with oil based inks and hand-printed. I write stories and poems and illuminate them, and sometimes I illustrate stories that I haven't even written yet!


I am an Artist by temperament, hard work and training. I began taking Art classes at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC at the age of 7. I have drawn, painted and created detailed medical illustrations as an undergraduate at University of Buffalo, but did not learn Intaglio Printmaking until I was 39 years old!  With my children at Summer Camp I immersed myself in an intensive 6-week Printmaking course at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY.

I loved the fine detail that could be created working on copper plates and the sometimes unpredictable nature of the method.  The etching of metal plates enabled me to make multiple prints that are all originals. The etched plate is truly a labor of love, and a medium that provides the texture and mysterious complement to my work. I have also discovered the importance of preserving this art medium as technology leads more artists to digital and ink jet printing reproduction. My 650 lb etching press is not very different than those of 200 years ago! The physical and historical nature of Intaglio creates real value and beauty for my patrons because it’s intrinsic qualities are unique to this art method.

Syracuse, N.Y.

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