Fine Art

Dick Welch & Harriet Sutherland

Dick and Harriet, also known as "Cayuga Images" capture some of the most beautiful and  iconic views of the Finger Lakes.

Elizabeth Andrews

The etched plate is truly a labor of love and a medium that provides the texture and mysterious compliment to Elizabeth's poems, personal anecdotes and creative musings.

Bill Mowson

Bill has been traveling around and painting the Finger Lakes area since 2002 and still feels like the surface has barely been scratched.

Linna Dolph

Linna's fascination with glass lies in its flexibility and its changeability. It captures and fractures light to create an internal dynamic that is never static.

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Christi Sobel

Christi is a trained scientific illustrator with an eye towards the beauty of the natural world and an obsession with the details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Caroline Spellman

Quilling, also known as paper filigree, is a craft that has been practiced since the Renaissance. Each artwork by Caroline is a handcrafted original, mounted in a handmade, hardwood frame. 

Laurin Ramsey

Raised to appreciate simplicity, charm, and craft, Laurin found herself lured quite naturally to the artisanal art and practice of letterpress printing. 

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