Hannah Graeper

My ceramic education has been very organic. I began my training in Ithaca, NY where I took classes from and apprenticed with several wonderful Finger Lakes potters. I received a bachelors of Arts and Science from Binghamton University where I ran the student Pottery and Craft Studio. From there, I moved to Robbinsville, NC where I worked for three years as a studio assistant at Yellow Branch Pottery. My time in North Carolina was particularly enlightening for it provided me with the opportunity to make pottery full time as well as to test my dedication to the art form.

My work is intended for daily use. I use stoneware clay and food safe glazes. My primary decoration technique is glaze trailing, in which I leave a large part of the outside of my pieces unglazed. I then use the unglazed surface as a canvas upon which I draw, or trail, fine lines of glaze. I love the orderliness of repeating patterns, which adorn many of my pieces. I use an electric kiln to fire all my work.

I love making pottery. It is a constant source of joy and amusement. Every day in the studio makes me grateful; for the people who have helped make my dream a reality and for my incredible good fortune to have discovered something I am passionate about. I’m so excited to be making pots in the lovely Finger Lakes!

Trumansburg, N.Y.

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