Michael Rubenstein

In creating his black and white jewelry, Michael explores the themes of simplicity and elegance, proportion and balance, and symmetry/asymmetry.

Shirley Woodcock-Kolb

Shirley's signature filigree style of metalwork is accompanied by a variety of precious and semi-precious gems, dichroic glass.

Lise Bouvet

Green, eco-jewelry, made from 100% recycled sterling silver and gold by Lise Bouvet.

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Julia Bonney

For Julia, working with glass - transparent, opaque, translucent - in every color imaginable, richly saturated or pale as a whisper, is as fun as it gets.

Charlotte Walsh

Charlotte's hand-painted and individually designed watercolor jewelry is called "Compliments Fly."

Laurel O'Brien

Perhaps most inspiring to Laurel's work are the little things. Images of pebbles, leaves and twigs tend to show up in her work in various ways.

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