Julie Crosby

In my work, I combine traditional techniques with contemporary sensibility to create pots specifically for use in the home and the beautification of domestic space.  My forms begin on the wheel then are scraped, smoothed and cut during the leather hard stage.  The pots come into direct contact with flame, ash and salt inside my wood burning kiln.  Wood fired pots tell a story in the mark of the flame and deposits of melted wood ash left along rims or infused in glaze and slip.   

My rural surroundings provide stimulus for edges, lines and surface treatments.  Corn and hay fields are worked and reworked with the seasons.  The soft curves of the land are perforated by sharp edged, machine made lines that become full with growth, then cut down to stubble and dirt.  The repetition of my making and firing cycles coincide with the changing landscape.  

Domestic objects throughout history have given us clues about the people who made and used them.  My favorite pieces are those that suggest elements of nature while bringing to light the utilitarian needs of a culture.  The strength and mystery of those objects provide for me a standard toward making soulful, enduring work. 

Mecklenburg, N.Y.

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