June Szabo

The I have been a Handwork member for over 20 years, and I have explored many different crafts. Woodworking, sewing, spinning, dying, weaving, hooking and braiding rugs, many types of basketry (coiling, twining, weaving), quilting, ceramics, anything that can be done by hand with minimal equipment seems to interest me.

Weaving is a never ending exploration of color and pattern. It builds form by making countless intersections and connections necessary for the existence of the final product. For me the process represents the interrelated, interdependence of all things in nature and in our own world.

I make woven chenille scarves three kinds of rugs: hand woven, weft-faced, and braided. My rugs and scarves are one of a kind. Weaving offers an unlimited number of possibilities to combine color and pattern. I can't resist the desire to try them all, though you may see something similar, you will not find another exactly like this one.

Click here to see my Mixed Media work.

Hector, N.Y.

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