Lise Bouvet

My designs focus on form, movement, balance, texture and most importantly simplicity.


I transform the sheet and wire of precious metal into a sculpture for the human body.  Using the traditional metalsmithing tools such as hammers, torch, files and pliers, rolling mill, I work alone, hand-fabricating all parts of every piece. I make my own hinges, stone setting, ear wires and clasps for necklaces. With the rolling mill, I make an imprint on the sheet of metal using plants, papers or fabrics.  Often I add a patina on the sterling silver to create a contrast in color and accentuate details on the texture.  Some important considerations of my work are the source of my material, human safety and working in an eco- friendly studio.


I use certified 100% recycled sterling silver and gold, semi-precious and precious stones. Because of my educational background and interest in architecture, my jewelry is primarily sculptural, modern and organic. 

Ithaca, N.Y.

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