Olivia Royale

Easy Living Hats are handcrafted in Ithaca, NY by one maker: Olivia Royale. Her technique of traditional crochet makes Easy Living Sun Hats and Kid Hats stretchy to fit varying sizes, and easy to pack and store for travel.


Olivia previously owned an Eco-friendly clothing store called The Art and Found and has been selling handmade clothing and accessories in Ithaca for 7 years.  In February 2017 Olivia decided to put all of her energy into her favorite and most successful design: The collapsible Sun Hat! All hats are made with the highest quality of cotton yarn so they can be worn in any season. 

Hats have been Olivia's favorite accessory to wear and craft. Through 7 years of trial and design, Olivia created a product that is universal, functional, and beautiful to the conscious consumer who loves buying high quality, handmade goods.

Ithaca, N.Y.

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