Laura Burch

Laura Burch has been making and selling her porcelain pottery in Central New York for almost 20 years. Rabbits, frogs, floral patterns and birds are some signature motifs in Laura's work.

Colleen McCall

Using the clay as a canvas, Colleen hand paints richly layered polychrome patterns with porcelain slip, under glaze and wax.

Renata Wadsworth

Renata's training included influences from the folk, Chinese and Japanese traditions. She uses simple lines and gentle asymmetry to create elegant pots who invite a little fresh humor.

Julie Crosby

Julie's wood fired pots tell a story, recorded on each individual piece in the mark of the flame and deposits of melted wood ash left along rims or infused in glaze and slip.

Julie Johnson

Julie's ceramic work is driven by the search to find a balance between the decorated surface and the pot’s form.

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David Kingsbury

Combining exquisite beauty with functional design, David creates one of a kind pieces which add elegance and ease to daily life.

Chet Salustri

Chet is inspired by elements of nature, animals, fish and the human figure. Humor is an important quality in Chet's artwork and is expressed in each piece.

Stacey Esslinger

Using a variety of fabrics, textiles, and molds of knitting, Stacey textures a flat slab of porcelain by pressing the fabric into the clay using a rolling pin.

Hannah Graeper

Hannah's primary decoration technique is glaze trailing, in which large areas of pottery are unglazed, and used as a canvas upon which fine lines are drawn.

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