Blue Cheese Board

  • $75.00
  • $75.00

Measurements: 13 x 7"

Handmade by Hannah Graeper Carver of Hannah Graeper Pottery

This ceramic cheese board was made in my Upstate New York studio out of brown stoneware clay. It was fired in a mid-range electric kiln to 2200 degrees.

The upper portion of the board is coated with a teal blue blue, semi-gloss glaze. The lower half of the board is decorated with fine lines of glaze. Each line is hand drawn not using any stencils, stamps or guides, thus making it absolutely unique and one of a kind. The areas that appear brown are bare, burnished clay. The finished effect is textured but smooth and has none of the rough, gritty feel sometimes associated with raw clay. The bottom of the piece was sanded with a fine grit sandpaper to a smooth finish and will not scratch your countertop.

Care for your new pottery:
This piece is food safe and safe in a microwave or dishwasher. It does not need to be hand washed, though it is safe to do so should you choose. Never place your pottery on an open flame!

This piece has been lovingly crafted on the potter’s wheel by Hannah Graeper Carver in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Come visit!