Kari Zelson Robertson

Blue Layered Fossil Mug

  • $55.00

This asymmetrical mug is reminiscent of the blue ocean floor due to its coloring, wavy shape, and fossil imprints. This listing is for one mug. Due to their unique handmade nature, your mug may be slightly different from the one pictured.

Kari's work is inspired by water. She is endlessly intrigued by it, the grace and flow, the importance of clean water on the planet, and the life forms dependent upon it, now and in geologic time. In her "Water Series" work you will find frogs, fish, fossils, graceful asymmetric waving lines and carvings.

Product Details:

-Measures 3" diameter, 3.5" deep.

-Functional, food safe, and made to be used!

-Dishwasher and microwave safe.