Chestnut Bowl

Measurements: 11.5" opening x 6.5" tall. Handmade by John Chamberlain "This may not be a good salad bowl. It is an example of Asian chestnut possibly C. Mollissima whic grew in Newfield and was turned into this vaguely bowl-shaped vessel, with knots, pin-knots and other features. Its color is classic chestnut, as are the "fault lines" (cracks, shakes, and bark pockets) common to large specimens"- JC John creates unique wooden bowls and vessels from blanks that are 10 years old. "Blanks" are solid blocks of wood that are turned using a lathe and carved into shapes. Very large blanks come from very large trees and sometimes can be hard to find. John's wonderfully large scale bowls are delightful to the eyes, they allow one to take in all of the patterns and details that occur naturally within the wood. Best of all, they are as useful as they are sculptural.