Crossed Swirl and Dotted Circle Earrings

  • $125.00

Handmade by Lise Bouvet. These elegant earrings are made from sterling silver and are part of Lise's collection of knots and dots. They feature a tight swirl that sits perpendicular to a dotted circle. Green, eco-jewelry, made from 100% recycled sterling silver.

Lise's designs focus on form, movement, balance, texture and simplicity. She transforms the sheet and wire of precious metal into a sculpture for the human body. Using the traditional metalsmithing tools such as hammers, torch, files and pliers, rolling mill, she hand-fabricates all parts of every piece. Her jewelry is primarily sculptural, modern and organic.

Product Details:

-Measures 1.75" in length (including hooks), 1.125" wide.

-Earring materials are sterling silver.

-Eco-friendly jewelry made with recycled materials.