_Megan Walsh

Green Ash Cyanotype Hoop 8"

  • $40.00
Item Description:

Handmade 8" cyanotype hoop by Megan Walsh. Megan's one-of-a-kind prints are made with a photographic process using a light-sensitive solution and direct exposure to the sun. The botanical specimen used for this print was Green Ash. Fabric is a lovely blue color. Hang this sun-captured snapshot of nature on your wall for an added pop of joy in your home!

About the Artist:

"Making sunprints is as close to magic I imagine I will ever experience. Capturing light, freeze-framing nature, and finding joy in color are all part of the process. I start by applying a light sensitive solution to paper or fabric. I then arrange raw natural findings gathered from our property to the surface. After placing the piece in the sun, the dye is activated and creates a photogram of the object." - Megan Walsh

Product Details:
  • Measures 8" in diameter.