Charlotte Walsh

Minimalist Painted Rectangle Earrings

  • $40.00
Item Description:

Hand-painted watercolor paper earrings by Charlotte Walsh. These large rectangle earrings feature brushed linework in blue, robin's egg, and mustard on a white background. The back of the earrings are coated in a deep navy blue. Lightweight yet durable earrings due to a waterproof acrylic sealing!

About the Artist:

Charlotte's earring design process starts with painting directly on the watercolor paper. The paintings may be representational, abstract patterns, or free flowing experiments with watercolor or other media. Then she begins looking for compositions within the larger works. "I love the challenge of finding the right mix of color, balance, and movement in each pair."

Product Details:

Measures 2.75" long with hook, .75" inches wide. Earring findings are sterling silver. Waterproof acrylic sealing will withstand rain, but wearing earrings in shower is not recommended.