Necklace With Triangular Clear Dichroic Pendant

  • $75.00
Measurements: Hangs 8.5 inches long. Sterling silver necklace with triangular dichroic pendant. Because the dichroic glass is clear, it will pick up color from the surface it is on. Handcrafted by Shirley Woodcock-Kolb. Sterling Silver chain with toggle clasp. "I incorporate fused glass, precious metal clay, stones and porcelain into my fabricated designs, and especially enjoy doing my own lapidary work. Although I have many standard designs, my work is always changing and progressing as I find myself drawn to new challenges. I developed my distinctive filigree technique through experimentation, beginning with a silver baby cup that was given to me and that I recycled into a bracelet. My silver and gold also comes from a reputable refinery that was formerly located in New York State, and features Harmony recycled materials."