The Rose Lady

Oak Rose Gold Ornament

  • $20.50
"In medieval times, Kings and Queens frolicked in the lofty branches of the sturdy oak that flourished in the forest around their castles." Ornaments sold individually. This product contains a real oak leaf that has been carefully selected, preserved, and dipped in precious metals to transform it from nature into treasure. Can be used during the holidays to decorate your tree, or year round to adorn your walls and windows! The Rose Lady specializes in real items of nature such as roses, orchids and leaves turned into a marvelous pieces of art that anyone will be proud to give and thrilled to receive. Our goal is to bring people closer to nature by presenting them with a marvelous collection of real nature products preserved in their majestic beauty. Product Details: -Because every leaf is real, size and shape will vary for each ornament. Approx. measurements are 3" long by 2" wide. -All ornaments come with green ribbon for hanging purposes.