Caroline Spellman

Quilled White-throated Sparrow

  • $150.00
Item Description:

Quilled White-throated Sparrow is nestled on watercolor foliage and framed with handcrafted hardwood. Upon first glance you might think this image was painted but on closer inspection you discover that this beautiful bird has been created with brightly colored, coiled pieces of paper in a process called quilling.

About the Artist:

After studying biology, forest ecology, and wildlife science, I rediscovered quilling in the 1990s, merging my craft with my educational background, focusing on fish and birds. I became a member of Handwork in 1994, and I'm grateful for the chance to share my craft with fellow artisans and the public. I enjoy explaining the process to customers in our store and witnessing their amazement when they realize that the artwork is created from tiny strips of rolled paper. Quilling, also known as paper filigree, dates back to the Renaissance. I prefer to cut my paper strips from large sheets of art paper (mainly charcoal and drawing papers) to utilize variations in strip width, creating subtle color variations when combining them. Quilling was popular during the Georgian era, featured in women's magazines for leisurely entertainment. While I still create pieces in this traditional style, my birds, fish, and butterflies take a more painterly approach. My studio in Groton, NY, is surrounded by diverse habitats like gardens, forests, wetlands, and agricultural fields, providing inspiration from local bird and butterfly species. Each piece is a unique, handcrafted creation mounted in a handmade hardwood frame. - Caroline Spellman

Product Details:
  • Measurements 11"x9". Frame is 1 1/4" thick.