Red and Pink Woven Rug

  • $112.00

Hand woven red and pink rug. The warp is cotton/poly, the weft is wool. Each of June's rugs are one of a kind.

June believes that weaving is a never ending exploration of color and pattern. It builds form by making countless intersections and connections necessary for the existence of the final product. For her the process represents the interrelated, interdependence of all things in nature and in our own world.

Product Details:

-Measures 28" x 48".

-It is best to care for your rug by giving it a god shake on a regular basis.

-Wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Air-dry on a flat surface to prevent shrinking.

-Rug has been pre-washed, but strong colors will continue to run if they get wet. If you wash your rug, use synthropol or color collecting sheets to prevent the colors from tinting the warp.