_Hannah Graeper

Tall Blue and Brown Patterned Mug

  • $65.00
Item Description: Handcrafted ceramic mug by Hannah Graeper. This earthy ceramic mug is coated in a blue glaze. Its bottom portion is decorated with a geometric pattern in white and blue. About the Artist: Hannah's work is made of stoneware clay and is intended for daily use. When she decorates her pots, she leaves a large part of the outside un-glazed and then draws, or trails, fine lines of glaze over the bare surface. The result is a textured, highly decorated piece of pottery, most often covered in orderly, repeating patterns. She use an electric kiln to fire all her work and only uses food safe glazes. Product Details: Measures 5.25" tall, 3" diameter at rim, 3" diameter at base. Food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.