Asymmetrical Teal Honeypot

A whimsically asymmetrical honeypot decorated with a teal and black design. The lid has a scalloped edge that fits perfectly with the inversed edge of the honeypot. A curly black handle sits atop the lid. Comes with a wooden honey stirrer.

Betsy's work is formed using various hand-building techniques, resulting in pieces that are whimsical and organic. The white stoneware clay provides a clean background for hand-painted patterns created with underglazes. Betsy's influences include art-deco patterns, the natural world, and her grandmother's quilts. Betsy hopes her pieces will bring a sense of joy and beauty to their users. As part of her environmental commitment, Betsy donates funds to have one tree planted in our National Parks for each piece of work sold.

Product Details:

-Honeypot measures 2.5" tall, or 4.75" tall with lid. Circumference at widest is 10.5".

-Food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.