Teapot with Thick Black Line

Measurements: 6 1/2�h x 7 1/2�w x 5 1/2� d Wheel thrown earthenware. Wood/soda fired to a temperature between cone 1-3. Terrasigillata with black stain. Holds 18oz. Julie Crosby is a full time studio potter residing in the Finger Lakes region of New York State She now works primarily in earthenware clay. Earthenware is a dark red to orange clay that offers a rich background for her slips and glazes. Julie's firing methods are wood/soda firing and electric firing. The wood/soda process adds a varied surface to her pots, giving them a softer look and slight satin feel. Julie's electric fired pots are generally crisper in appearance and have more contrast between glaze and clay color. She is also exploring more hand built forms. As always, Julie's pots are food safe, functional and meant to be used. While they can withstand the dishwasher, she recommends hand washing for the larger pieces.