Bia Bernum

Upcycled Linens Backpack

  • $85.00
Item Description:

Upcycled using vintage linens this backpack has been lovingly put together with hand and machine quilting. Hand wash in cold water with a small amount of detergent. Can be gently spot cleaned. Hand to dry.

About the Artist:

I was lucky to have been raised by creative parents. My mom owned her own sewing/alterations business (who was also a big fan of thrift stores/junk shops), so it's no surprise that I love being in my sewing room and in thrift stores and at estate sales. After I graduated from college and began working in higher education (I'm a college professor), I realized that I needed a hobby to⁠ help me get through the semester (it's fun, but...then there's grading!). In 2005, my hobby became my creative alter-ego, Ms. Elaineous.⁠ All of this eventually blossomed into a passion for combining art, sewing, shopping (second-hand), and conservation; I take pre-owned items and turn them into more eco-friendly fashion. My work is all about giving a second life to tees, linens, fabric, and quilts by making them into unique patchwork coats, ponchos, belts, bags and other accessories. It’s my way of making fashion sustainable and special—each piece has its own story and style. This isn’t just⁠ about looking good; it’s about making a positive change in how we think about clothes and accessories

Product Details:
  • Measures 13" tall, Base measures 8x8", When drawstring closure fully opened, opening measures 12x12". Straps measure 34". Has an interior zippered pocket. And a zippered exterior opening for easy back access.