Wooden Climbing Bear

  • $17.50

This classic wooden climbing bear is handcrafted and non-toxic. Hang the wooden bar on something sturdy, pull the loops underneath the bears arms, and watch as your friend climbs their way up the strings! A fun toy that been entertaining children for generations.

Wild Apples is a wooden toy company run by artist Gunther Keil. Gunther immigrated to the U.S. from Berlin, Germany to be a professor of German Literature. He currently lives with his family on 50 acres in Trumansburg, New York and utilizes the trees which grow on his land for his art. His work is found in craft stores and galleries throughout the United States and abroad. Gunther has always worked with animal shapes. He prefers to use the natural colors of wood, but occasionally add wood dyes for color accents. His work expresses the fragility and exquisiteness of life, which is too easily forgotten in our technical world.

Product Details:

-Bear measures 6.5" long, 5" wide. Strings measure 43".