Yellow & Purple Tree Watercolor Earrings

  • $40.00
Measurements: Made by Charlotte Walsh. My hand painted and individually designed earrings and jewelry are called "Compliments Fly". I use watercolors and other media on watercolor paper, with a layering and sealing method that results in substantial, yet very lightweight earrings. As part of the design process, I choose small vignettes or compositions out of my larger paintings. I enjoy the challenge of finding the right mix of color, shape, and movement within each pair. Why Compliments Fly? It comes from an old adage I learned from my mother: "Compliments fly as quality meets." It means when you encounter someone with a similar sense of quality or style, you end up complimenting each other. I think of my earrings as wearable art, and I've been told it's not uncommon to receive compliments when wearing them! Earwire made from sterling silver.