Bob Nagel

Bob Nagel has been woodcarving since he was a Boy Scout in Western New York. He is self taught and often works in the Scandinavian style.

John Chamberlain

John creates unique wooden bowls and vessels from blanks that are 10 years old. His large scale bowls allow one to take in all of the patterns and details that occur naturally within the wood.

Stephen Landau

Stephen Landau's woodwork leans toward elegant simplicity. He aims to discover new techniques and hone his skills that help reveal the natural beauty of the wood he works with.

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Michael Parkhurst

Michael Parkhurst channels his reverence for honest craft into each of his end grain cutting boards. A great reward comes when the wood's natural colors glow with the first oiling.

Bill Baker

Bill is influenced by Japanese, Mission and Shaker designs. Woodworking is a way for Bill to create beautiful, functional and well crafted objects that are a part of everyday activities, objects which people can touch and use.

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