Gina Inzinna

From the strong centering force of the potter's wheel to the layered and complex art of glazing, Gina strives to infuse her work with passion, joy and gratitude. She takes the time to make sure each piece feels good to the touch, functions well for daily use, and is a uniquely beautiful work of art. Myriad techniques are employed from wheel thrown to handbuilt. This includes sculpturally altering forms, carving, marbling, specialized glaze layering, resist work, inlay and hand painting. Gina creates it all in her newly built studio just ten paces from her backdoor, where she ultimately fires to cone 6 in her electric kiln. She is inspired by maximalist atmospheres in homes, gardens, art, fashion, music, and culture; the body positivity movement, anything anthropomorphic, patterns and light in nature and feelings of wonder, interconnectedness and awe.