Katharine Watson

Katharine began exploring her connection to art at a young age, and her curiosity has followed her from continent to continent. Born in New York, raised in London and Hong Kong, and eventually settling in Portland, Maine, Katharine’s creative perspective is informed by a life in motion. 

As a student at Kenyon College, Katharine fell in love with the history and opportunities that are inherent to printmaking. She approaches most projects the same way, beginning with a sketch that is translated to a linoleum block and then carved by hand. She later prints these designs onto stationery, textiles, ceramics, and other beautiful, usable, everyday goods. Katharine demonstrates her love for the important traditions of printmaking through persistent experimentation within the form. It's her way of honoring and passing the craft from her own home to yours. 

Katharine put down roots in Portland, Maine in 2015, investing her creativity and design sensibilities into her home and garden. The converted barn behind her home serves as a business headquarters and studio space, where she spends much of her time creating. When Katharine’s not in the studio, she can be found out on the water, in her garden, or poring over the latest in architecture and design with a cup of jasmine tea.

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