Renee Baum

English Bridle Leather Belt

  • $60.00
Item Description:

Are you looking for a high quality, dark brown leather belt that will serve you well for many years? Look no further, this classic dark brown belt is made with english bridle leather making it an heirloom quality accessory. Weight of the leather is 9-10 oz english bridle leather. The width of the belt is 1.25" which fits nicely through the average belt loop

About the Artist:

Fine leather makers Renee Baum and Joe Chicone, are partners in the studio, and in life. Their process begins on a hillside homestead tucked away in the hills of the Finger Lakes. Joe, who has been in the horse and leather business for 40 years; perfected his craft while working under master saddle makers in Texas horse country. With the addition of Renee's artful eye and deep understanding of textiles and pattern making, the hillside workshop expanded from making beautiful practical items, to include leather handbags, wallets and accessories. Renee and Joe's work is inspired by the saddles and horse tack all around them in the farming community they call home. The pair draw heavily from historic patterns passed down for generations, and the use of solid metal findings in their pieces. Adding one of their pieces to your collection will bring a beautiful balance of rugged craftsmanship and lush fine quality leather.

Product Details:
  • We use Wickett and Craig English Bridle leather which is a high quality American leather. English Bridle is a traditional leather with a variety of uses, from classic equestrian gear to high-end leather goods. Drum dyed and hot stuffed, English Bridle is smooth, flexible yet durable. Beautifully crafted with a flawless, even surface. Belt Sizes for Men Determining the right size for men's belts is relatively straightforward. Take your existing pants size and then add two inches to the number. For instance, if your pants waist size is 38, then your belt size would be 40. You can also find your belt size by measuring a belt you already own that fits well. Using a soft tape measure, measure the length from the top of the belt (not including the buckle) to the belt hole you use most frequently. Round up to the nearest even-numbered inch to find your belt size. Belt Sizes for Women While the process for measuring women's belts is similar, there tends to be more variation in sizing from brand to brand and style to style, whether you're looking for a classic leather belt for jeans or a decorative belt to cinch a dress. This can make finding a reliable measurement difficult. If you know your pants waist size, you can follow the add-two-inches rule: if your pants waist measurement is 32, then your belt size would be 34. You can also measure a well-fitting belt from the top (not including the buckle) to the belt hole you use most frequently and then round up to the nearest even-numbered inch. If those methods don't work for you, there's a third option to try. Put on a pair of pants that fits well and stand in a relaxed position. Then wrap a soft tape measure through the belt loops so the tape is snug but not too tight. This measurement is your belt size. You may need to round up to the nearest even-numbered inch. The belt size you need can vary depending on where on your torso you plan to wear a belt, so if you're looking for a belt that will sit higher up on your waist, measure there instead.