Jonathans Spoons

Flame Blackened Forked Salad Set

  • $48.00
Item Description:

Utilizing the creative color caused by fire this handmade utensil is finished with clear minderal oil. The carbon is completely non-toxic. Wash with soap and water and re-oil occationally with mineral oil or coconut oil.

About the Artist:

Jonathan's spoons have developed over the years. Originally made of uncommon spoon woods such as lilac, plum, and honeysuckle, I have since chosen to make my spoons of cherry wood. This is a hardwood with handsome color and grain, durable, smooth, and strong. My utensils have a unique sense of balance and warmth because they are designed with the hand and purpose in mind. "Spoons" have become spatulas, tongs, spaghetti forks, spreaders, and more. Sometimes I burn my spoons to give a flame-blackened finish. "My work has been influenced by the world around me as well as a truth held within. I grew up surrounded by magnificent architecture and design in my hometown of Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania"

Product Details:
  • Measures 12" long each.