Elizabeth Andrews

Long Green Tea Leaves Etching

  • $125.00
Measurements: 20.5x6" Original etchings and illustrations numbered and signed by Elizabeth Andrews. "The images I create are inspired by inspecting the remaning tea leaves after life experiences have filtered through my mind." Creating an etching is a labor of love; but technivally it is a process that begins with a polished piece of copper. A copper plate is coated with a resist. When this resist dries, I needle away the hardened surface exposing the copper plate. At various stages I etch the plate with ferric chloride. The chemical 'bites' into the copper creating lines that will be printed. I remove the resist with mineral spirited, generpusly ink the plate, it is then put on a Praga press. The plate is then recoated with the resist so I can needle the image on the plate. Each print is a unique piece of art due to the hand printing method.