• Fingerless gloves in store we just had to share

    Goldenrod, Amber, Sunglow… We can’t get enough of this color! and when we saw these gorgeous fingerless gloves in store we just had to share. These special mittens were knitted right in Trumansburg, NY just 10 miles from ithaca, by Veronica Guiry.  * One size fits most
 * Made with 100% America...
  • October is National Co-ops Month 🌟

    Do you support your local co-ops? Go on, make us blush Tell us something you love about Handwork and tag your favorite co-ops!
  • What’s your favorite fall comfort food?

    We can see this beautiful bowl filled with roasted veggies, casserole, pasta...Whatever your comfort is, Turtle Island Pottery will add a touch of warmth and earthiness to your kitchen table. . Click to Shop this golden glaze bowl in our new web store . Handwork Co-op is known for its beauti...