A Few Good Bananas

A Few Good Bananas


A Few Good Bananas is the creative child born to three sisters: Mary Beth, Peggy, and Nona. Our mom was one of the original 'up-cyclers'. She taught us each to sew, and we are still inspired by her example, long after her passing, to find delight in the creative process. 

We work with fiber and love combining colors and textures. We seek pieces which work well together, add color, whimsy, and playfulness to each piece. We have a studio together and, more often than not, collaborate on our work.  When one of us needs inspiration the other usually provides it.

Being creative spirits, it’s hard to stick with one thing! We started with one style of hat, and have continually expanded our line of work including fingerless gloves, mittens, ear warmers, scarves, pins, wallets, and even shoes. We like to collaborate with other artists and challenge ourselves. Pursuing new designs is, to us, the most exciting part of the creative process. 

We’ve been members at Handwork for ten years, and have enjoyed learning and growing with the other artists and business people there. 

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