In the beginning of 2020, two sisters started experimenting with making their own candles. As the world began to shut down due to COVID-19, they had many hours to perfect their craft. Once they were happy with their product they decided to gift and sell them to their family and friends. As time went on, they launched a website offering local delivery and shipping.

These two sisters always dreamed of opening their own store, and their candles were a  great jumping off point. In September of 2020, they opened up their own shop on Tipperary Hill where they were born and raised. 

The BeeKind mission is to supply the community with products that were created close to home, including their own natural candle line. All of their candles are hand poured in small batches and made of 100% soy. BeeKind also carries a wide variety of items and gifts including health & beauty, jewelry, accessories, local treats, and seasonal houseware items.