Jennifer Rubacky

Jennifer Byrd Rubacky is a local photographer and writer who lives in the village of Trumansburg with her husband, Chris, daughter, Gabriella and Welsh Corgi, Yeti. She fell in love with photography during her senior year of high school when she took a class in developing black and white film. She has been taking photographs ever since and is moved by her love of nature and its endless, wonderous beauty.  Her images are designed to inspire the viewer to share her sense of awe and mystery of both the great outdoors and every day, ordinary life. 

Jennifer grew up a few blocks from Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY. After living in San Francisco, Washington, DC and Colorado for fifteen plus years, she and her husband returned to upstate New York in 2017 to raise their daughter closer to family. They settled in the Fall Creek neighborhood of Ithaca, just a few blocks from Cascadilla Falls. Jennifer was immediately taken by the majesty of the region and began capturing it on daily walks. She started Heart Wisdom Designs as a way to contribute something meaningful to the local community and share what moves her so deeply.