Laurin Ramsey

Transplanted to Ithaca from Brooklyn, NY, Liontail Press is the one-woman design and letterpress operation run by yours truly, a Georgia-born artist and printmaker. My name is Laurin Ramsey, and I'm convinced that I was born with ink running through my veins. I grew up spending a lot of time around a grandfather with decades of experience in the print world, who owned a small engraving and letterpress printing business in Atlanta that offered bespoke stationery. Having a very close relationship with him since my birth, I was raised to appreciate the artisanal art and practice of letterpress printing.

My work includes greeting cards, art prints, calendars, books, custom stationery, wedding invitations, and business cards; I love collaborating with other local businesses as well, and have recently been printing bottle labels for local cider makers. Because a tactile impression, patience, and repetition are the primary hallmarks of the letterpress printing process, I hope that my work conveys an appreciation and respect for the handmade, sensory experience of artwork, and time-honored creative practices and traditions.