Kari Zelson Robertson

Brown Fish Spoonrest

  • $45.00
Item Description:

Instead of putting that sticky spoon or ladle on the counter, try using this lovely brown fish spoon holder! It makes the perfect cooking companion and is a beautiful art piece to add style as well as function to your countertop.

About the Artist:

Kari's work is inspired by water. I am endlessly intrigued by it, the grace and flow, the importance of clean water on the planet, and the life forms dependent upon it, now and in geologic time. In my "Water Series" work you will find frogs, fish, fossils, graceful asymmetric waving lines and carvings." This ceramic work is functional, food safe, made to be used as charcuterie boards, platters, cups, serving bowls of all sizes, appetizer trays, vases, bottles.

Product Details:
  • Measures 11" by 4". 1" tall.