Elizabeth Andrews

Princess Mouse Giclee Watercolor

  • $42.00
Item Description:

"Princess Mouse" original etching by Elizabeth Andrews, now created as a Giclee Print, an Archival Fine Art reproduction of etching printed on cotton paper and hand watercolored. Comes in two different mat colors: light blue and moss green.

About the Artist:

The images Elizabeth creates come from her imagination. They are drawn on copper or zinc plates and etched in acid. The plates are rubbed with oil based inks and hand-printed. She writes stories and poems and illuminates them, and sometimes she illustrates stories that she hasn't even written yet! The etching of metal plates enables her to make multiple prints that are all originals. The etched plate is truly a labor of love, and a medium that provides the texture and mysterious complement to her work.

Product Details:

Measures 8" x 10". Matt color chosen by the artist and is subject to change from what is pictured in this listing.