Lisa Gillis

"The Four Seasons" Framed Print

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Item Description:

This series of paintings shows the progression through the seasons of the year overlooking Houston Pond at F.R. Newman Arboretum on the Cornell University campus. If you have ever visited this beautiful spot you are aware of the peacefullness that surrounds you there. The paintings were done from the viewpoint of the bridge that crosses the pond to the wooden gazebo on the other side. This was a fascinating, year-long effort to observe how the pond and its surrounding area changed with the seasons and how best to capture that change in texture. This lively and less constrained painting style signifies the fleeting quality of nature as it is in constant change. In the spring you might be awed by the hungry koi fish as they circle in great numbers, charging at any tiny bit of food that disrupts the surface of the pond. You notice the striking purples of the Dame's rocket as they contrast with the yellow of the irises. In summer the water lilies are in full bloom and cover more of the surace. Turtles dart among them and frogs sing from the edges. In fall you might be taken by the color in the surrounding trees and the swaying of the cattails as the wind blows them back and forth dispersing their seeds. In winter you will be amazed at the quality of the light as it reflects off the icy surface of the pond which appears asleep, yet come spring it will awaken anew. What a privilege it was to try to capture this place in all her seasons of glory.

About the Artist:

Lisa Gillis believes that there exists a relationship between art and nature and she finds them both good for the soul. Nature is the influence for her designs. She enjoys taking familiar elements from nature and developing her own design statements for them - infusing them with color and detail to create original pieces of art and functional fine craft. Living with these designs are meant to remind you daily of our connection to nature. Lisa hopes her designs bring joy and wonder to those who choose to make them a part of their life

Product Details:
  • The four individual prints measure 4x6". Entire matted piece measures 8x20". This piece is framed.