Colleen McKenzie

2024 Lunar New Year Felted Dragon

  • $50.00
Item Description:

Celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year with a mythical felted dragon. With beautiful detail and a big smile this dragon is holding a little sign that proclaims the new year for all to see.

About the Artist:

Collen has been making art for as long as she can remember. With a college degrees are in Wildlife Biology and Natural & Historical Interpretation the natural world has always been important to her ( birds especially). Birds are so fun to needle-felt and everyone seems to have a favorite bird or a great story about birds, so they were the only animals she focused on for some time until she decided to expand her craft to include all sorts of animals, real and imaginary! One felted creation starts with a core made of raw wool or polyfiber. Colleen adds a bit of lavender in the cores to help keep pets from being too interested in them. Then she shapes it with her needles into a rough form. From there adding the colored wool and just keep needling it until the desired shape emerges. Wool fibers have tiny barbs on them and the needles have barbs too. These barbs catch together and that is why wool is so great for needle work. One project can take as little as 4 hours to make or as long as a few days. Colleen really loves her work and each project she creates. Each creation is made to bring joy and happiness to their adopted families!

Product Details:
  • Measures 4" tall. 14" long. 3" wide. Hand felted.