Watercolor Earrings with White Ferns

  • $40.00

These earthy hand painted earrings feature a small trapezoid shape, decorated with an organic white fern motif on a cocoa brown background. Artist Charlotte Walsh’s one-of-a-kind jewelry is created from her original watercolor paintings. Each earring shape comes from her beautiful paintings, making them truly unique jewelry! Once an art teacher, Charlotte uses her keen eye for complimenting colors, compositions and technique to make artistic jewelry that will bring compliments wherever you take them - no wonder her handmade jewelry business is called “Compliments Fly!” Not only do these earrings go with a range of outfits and occasions, they are very lightweight!

Discover more of Charlotte’s beautiful Jewelry on her artist profile page.

Product Specs:

- 1.5 inches long, including a hook.

- 1.75 at their widest.

- Made from thick watercolor paper, making these earrings very lightweight.

- Ear wire is 14k gold-filled.