_John Jessiman

Olive and Grey Textured Teapot

  • $260.00

Item Description:

Handcrafted teapot by John Jessiman. This round teapot features an olive and grey textured glaze and has a beautiful handle for easy pouring.

About the Artist:

John Jessiman is interested in the ceramic process as a means to manifest ideas, create form, and to invest work with energy, mystery, and intrigue. He believes, as stated by Robert Motherwell, that one does not have to fully understand works of art or their origins to enjoy and be enriched by them. The early works of the Jomon potters, Native peoples, 15th-16th century Japanese, as well as many great contemporary artists have been an unending source of enrichment for John.

Product Details:

  • Measures 9.75" in height with handle, 6.25" in height without handle. Base is 3.25" in diameter, opening is 2.375" in diameter. Spout is 1" x 1.5".